Mavima orders vendors out

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Mavima orders vendors out

The Herald

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent
Newly-appointed Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs Larry Mavima has implored all local authorities in the province to clear illegal vegetable and fruit vendors in central business districts (CBDs) to curb a possible spread of cholera.

The province has recorded 10 cases of cholera in Gokwe North that have all been linked to Harare.

Minister Mavima said combating cholera remain a top priority.

He said there was need for Government and local authorities to complement efforts to eradicate the water-borne disease.

“I have been informed that there are 10 cases of cholera that have been reported in the province. So as the new minister, my priority is to deal with that issue immediately.

“We do not want the disease to spread to other districts. We are working closely with local authorities to ensure that we combat the disease before it starts claiming lives like what is happening in Harare.

“I also understand that Harare is the source of all the cases reported in the province. As a province there are no activities that bring cholera,” he said.

Minister Mavima said local authorities should clear vendors from the streets and take them to designated places.

“We are not saying vending is wrong, but what we want are people who earn a living in a proper way. Local authorities should also make modern facilities for vendors.

“We want to create new ways of conducting business that are health conscious and respecting the rule of law.

“We do not want people who disregard the law.

“If we allow that to happen then we are creating a lawless country. It is my responsibility to ensure that we have healthy ways of doing business. I am going to engage local authorities in the province to ensure that we achieve that objective,” he said.

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