Mavhaire defends E15 Cde Mavhaire
Minister Mavhaire

Minister Mavhaire

Farai Kuvirimirwa Herald Reporter
Energy and Power Development Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire has branded people opposing the increase of mandatory blending of petrol with ethanol from 10 percent to 15 percent as being “childish and too young” to know that the country once used up to E25.
He said the Government would not reverse its decision to increase ethanol blending level to E15 from E10 as announced in the Government Gazette last recently.

Said Minister Mavhaire: “Zera (Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority) did consultations and I also did my own and there is nothing wrong with the (E15) fuel,” he said. “By the way, I was a minister in 1982 and I was using 25 percent and you are asking about 15 percent, you are too young and it is childish.”

Minister Mavhaire was speaking in an interview after launching the Sakunda Fuel and Loyalty smart cards in Harare on Monday.

The smart cards are the first of their kind in the country and individuals and companies can have fuel purchased for them from any part of the world via Vpayments, Visa and Zim- Switch.

“The country’s thrust and economy is not determined by a few people who own Mercedes-Benz cars. It is determined by how do we benefit as a country? Firstly, there is employment creation, saving money lost through importation of fuel, reducing price of fuel and generating power.”

Minister Mavhaire’s comments came amid an outcry from car assemblers and dealers who indicated that most of their vehicles were not compatible with the E15 fuel blend.

The car assemblers said they did not warranty cars using such fuel should they develop engine or emission system challenges.

Motorists also expressed concern over the use of the blended fuel, stating that using it should be optional.

But Minister Mavhaire said various consultations were made and the E15 fuel blend would not negatively affect vehicles as it was compatible with them.

“You must understand, economic development is not about few individuals,” he said. “When the economy is developing, you adjust accordingly and Mercedes- Benz or Mazda is not what it was at the beginning. They adjust along the way.”

Speaking at the Sakunda electronic fuel purchasing system launch, Minister Mavhaire said the company was not being left behind in terms of technol- ogy.

“In a world that is becoming highly competitive and computer intensive with ever changing and more sophisticated needs of customers, technology and innovation play a vital role in long-term sustainability and vitality,” he said.

“To thrive in today’s rapidly changing global competitive environment, companies have to embrace innovation to steer growth.

Innovation helps sustainable development, thereby creating employment and stimulating growth.”

Sakunda managing director Mr Mberikwazvo Chitambo said the cards were introduced in an effort to give high quality service and innovative products.


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