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President Mnangagwa exposes externalisers

President Mnangagwa has this morning named and shamed corporates and individuals that externalised and ignored his ...

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Matter of Fact


The Herald issue of December 31, 2016 carried an article headlined “Zimra suspends 8 more managers” where we erroneously stated that Messrs Adrian Swarres (head of compliance and risk) and Max Mugari (head, Advisory Services) were said to be part of managers suspended after being implicated in a Zimra forensic audit in which some senior officials were accused of shady dealings.

It has been brought to our attention that the two were not part of the managers who were suspended at the end of December 2016, after being implicated in the forensic audit report done by Deloitte and Touche chartered accountants.

We sincerely regret the damage and inconveniences that the article may have caused to the two officials. — Editor.

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