Matric student drives to school in her own Porsche

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Matric student drives to school in her  own Porsche Porsche

The Herald

 This week many South African learners headed back to school.

From the little Grade 1s stepping into “big school” for the first time as they start their schooling journey to the teens starting the final lap of their schooling as the juniors –the small fish – in the scary world that is high school.

While social media is awash with parents battling with unhappy crying kids desperately trying to get them into class, there’s one student who happily started her first day as a matric student in style.

With a strong Instagram following of more than 67k, digital creator Luyanda Mhlalukwana – @yanda.woods – showed off how SHE does “back to school”.

Unlike many other matriculants who get dropped off by their folks, she drove herself to school in a Porsche. Yes, a Porsche! HER Porsche.

In the Instagram she shows of her Christian Dior book bag as well as her “essential” Louis Vuitton sunglasses.

Giving us some of the rich kids from ’Blood on Water’ and ’Gossip Girl’ kind of vibes.

Her Insta-story found it’s way onto the streets of Twitter, where as we all know, people have strong opinions.

Twitter user @Xozam1 posted the video with the caption: “In case you wondering why Porsche trending a 2k “Yanda.woods” on IG wearing LV spectacles, Carrying Dior bag for school books, driving Porsche to school 1st day matric.”

In true Twitter style, users had their bit to say about her lavish display. One person commented, “Imagine being her teacher, telling her to study hard for a better future”, while another said, “And y’all were saying they’re exaggerating ku Blood and Water.” — sowetan

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