Matemadanda speaks on demos Cde Matemadanda

Joseph Madzimure

Senior Reporter

ZIMBABWE’s laws are there to safeguard the rights of all citizens and not only opposition parties, Zanu PF secretary for Commissariat Cde Victor Matemadanda has said.

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Cde Matemadanda said the Government’s primary responsibility was to prevent violence and uphold constitutionalism.

“We are a constitutional republic where the law is there to protect the rights of all citizens and not only opposition political parties,” said Cde Matemadanda.

“In every constitution the world over, it is provided that there shall be a defence and security force whose work is clearly expressed. It is the duty of any elected government to defend and protect property. No Government will fold its hands while the opposition gangs up to overthrow it.”

Cde Matemadanda’s comments come after an illegal demonstration called by the opposition with the backing of some embassies flopped on Friday last week.

He warned the opposition to stop seeking attention from their handlers through tarnishing the image of the country and its leadership.

“We have led protests ourselves, the biggest ever and we led from the front, we never sacrificed other people for our benefit. In fact, we protected our people and offered ourselves.

“The opposition is confused because right now they say everything went according to plan, they never wanted to get onto the streets but to cause work stoppage.

“Why didn’t they tell their supporters that?” queried Cde Matemadanda.

He urged Zimbabweans not to take MDC-A drama queens and kings seriously since they are only interested in enriching themselves.

“To send videos while hiding in the bush is serious drama and not fighting for the people. No one goes to war and expects to win it while hiding,” he said.

“We know some embassies poured in money and unfortunately that money came too early and July 31 came too late to find sober minds. Their puppets were too drunk and had hangovers that would not allow them to demonstrate under sunny conditions.”

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