Mataz brings old skool to ZimCafe

Mataz brings old skool to ZimCafe Tich Mataz
Tich Mataz

Tich Mataz

Arts Correspondent
Old skool music has been for a long time part of entertainment of the mature and many venues offering the genre have made headlines as joints of choice.

Over the past years places like Adelaide Acres, Rumours, Shantels Night Spot, Spillway and Globe Trotter took turns to deliver old skool classics to mature followers.

Many popular wheel spinners led revellers on merrymaking weekends at the venues that included outdoor and indoor facilities. However, over the past couple of years, places offering old skool music have dwindled as venues move towards mixed entertainment.

But followers now have a reason to smile as ZimCafe Restaurant tonight launches old skool sessions steered by Mataz Entertainment headed by legendary Tich Mataz. The experienced DJ will be on decks tonight to launch the sessions that will take place at the venue every Friday and Saturday.

“Mataz Entertainment will drive the old skool sessions at ZimCafe beginning Friday (tonight) and we will be there every weekend dishing out the very best old skool selections.

“We want to deliver the best to mature fans. The restaurant has great cuisine including popular chisa nyama and gango. The dishes will be complemented by good music,” said Mataz.

He said the restaurant, which is along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, is now under new management that has mature patrons at heart.

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