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Mataure recovering, ready to marry

19 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Mataure recovering, ready to marry SAM MATAURE

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

former manager and drummer for the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, Sam Mataure who  recently suffered mild stroke, says his story in showbiz is far from over.

The 52-year-old, who was recently hospitalised and treated in the United States is recovering well at his Greendale residence in Harare.

The stroke was caused by a heart problem and robbed him of a few years on stage.

The drummer revealed that he started feeling sick in 2017 but never took it seriously until the stroke affected his left hand.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Mataure said he was returning to the studio and would soon be on stage.

“I am not the same person anymore. I was on and off the music stage because of illness. I have never been this ill before. After I left Tuku I took some time off because I was not well.

“I never visited doctors but after collapsing I have learnt my lesson that you should always get check-ups. I am recovering very well and I thank God. I am going through a physiotherapy process and it was not easy for me during the past months.”

Mataure said he was hospitalised in the US for a month and thanked veteran Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo’s family who visited him frequently in hospital.

“If it was not for him (Mapfumo), I would not have recovered. His wife would be by my bed side every morning, checking how I was doing. I suffered the stroke last May,” he said.

He also expressed gratitude to his friends Gilbert Zvamaida, SamFelo, John and Drea Mambira for helping him during his time of need.

Soon after returning from the US, Mataure  assisted Selmor Mtukudzi to record in South Africa before he went to Chimanimani where he is planning for an upcoming festival.

“I have been keeping a low profile. After I came back from the US, I assisted Selmor’s recording and I am working on the Chimanimani Arts Festival which is scheduled to take place in September. I visited the place, doing research and I am looking for funding to help with the festival.

“It is going to be a free festival and I want to talk to Moses Chunga so that his soccer team can play with a Chimanimani All Stars team on the festival football match that we want to stage,” he said.

Mataure said he was not married but is in a relationship and planning to marry. He also said he has a daughter and a grandchild.

“I was never married but I have a daughter who is grown up with a son. I am ready to marry and I will share details soon about the relationship,” he said.

He said local music was evolving and becoming interesting each day.

“So much was never expected in the music industry. I come from a jazz background hence we need to stand our ground considering there are a lot of genres sprouting. I have played drums on Tocky’s (Vibes) dedication song to the late Tuku,” he said.

Mataure said he admires local hip-hop sensation King 98, Obert Gomba’s work and Alick Macheso.

“I like the energy and determination of this young musician King 98 and I would like to find how I can fit in his music. I also want to play for Macheso given the opportunity. I find sungura music fascinating and with current trends I wish to be in it too,” he said.

He added that music had made him what he is now. “My role models are the late Jethro Shasha and Bothwell Nyamhondera. I am working with a local fashion designer house, DK Mannequin, who are dressing me for some private and public events. I can say I am reinventing myself to the extent that when Mukanya sees me in a suit, he is going to be shocked because the time we started music, wearing a suit wasn’t a common thing. Now fashion and music are inseparable. I have a lot of musicians who come for advice and I help them,” he said.

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