Masvingo Town Clerk calls it quits Mr Gusha

From George Maponga in Masvingo
Long-serving Masvingo Town Clerk Mr Adolph Gusha is calling it a day at the end of August after reaching retirement age.

Mr Gusha (60) is bringing down the curtain on an illustrious career in local government where he served various local authorities over 31 years.

The Town Clerk confirmed his impending retirement on Sunday.

“I am retiring at the end of August after reaching the retirement age and I am happy with the work I did, particularly to take Masvingo City to where it is today. There are many highs that I fondly remember and it makes me feel proud,” he said.

The Masvingo Town Clerk said among his major successes was creating a good working relationship between residents and council.

He credits the good relationship to progress that has been made in various sectors in the city from infrastructural development to service delivery.

“I think among the highlights of my tenure as Masvingo Town Clerk is our ability to introduce the water and sewer levies that enabled us to build a water treatment plant at Bushmead Waterworks on the shores of Lake Mutirikwi.

“We also managed to introduce a levy and raised money to install a dedicated power line to the Rujeko Sewer pump station which forestalled threats of pollution in Mucheke River in the event of power outage,” said Mr Gusha.

Masvingo City Council managed to beef up its road maintenance fleet after introducing a road levy that managed to raise over $200 000.

“Council managed to buy new tippers and graders with proceeds from the road levy and that has gone a long way in helping us to improve the city’s road network through regular maintenance,” he said.

Mr Gusha said he was elated that Masvingo City finally won a long-running wage dispute with its employees, which saw its entire vehicle and road maintenance fleet being attached by the Messenger of Court after workers had won a $3,5 million labour dispute.

Over 100 vehicles and road-making equipment were seized and gathered dust for several years at the Messenger of Court premises as the labour dispute raged on.

“I am happy that at the end of it all council won the case and we have since recovered most of the attached vehicles and equipment.

“Some of the vehicles are now back on the road and have significantly boosted our fleet,” he said.

Mr Gusha first served as Chamber Secretary before assuming the Town Clerkship of the country’s oldest town in 2003.

He took over from Mr Tsunga Mhangami after the latter retired.

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