Masvingo City Council in 5-year strategic plan review Some of Masvingo City Council officials and councillors attending a 5-year Strategic Plan review meeting in Harare.

George Maponga in Masvingo

Masvingo City Council is currently reviewing its five-year strategic plan that will guide the ancient city’s different stakeholders for the next five years as it responds to President Mnangagwa’s call to action which exhorts local authorities not to compromise service delivery as Zimbabwe angles for upper middle income society status by 2030.

The review of the strategic plan also seeks to make it more inclusive and relevant as the city forges ahead with plans to become an industrialised metropolitan city by 2030.

Council spokesperson Ms Ashleigh Jinjika says the strategic plan review follows President Mnangagwa’s exhortation calling on local authorities to prioritise service delivery.

It also comes on the back of council recording remarkable growth this year as reflected inroads in improving cleanliness, expansion of housing development and gains in water supply and road infrastructure development among other things.

Ms Jinjika said Masvingo City has five main key programmes that will inform its strategic plan review.

These are; governance and administration, sanitation and hygiene, social services, roads infrastructure, public safety and security services and environmental management and climate change.

”Joint efforts will be mobilised from all the stakeholders of the City of Masvingo to implement this strategic plan in order to make the city an industrialised metropolitan city by 2030,” said Ms Jinjika.

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