Masvingo at standstill as city pays homage to popular money-changer Business came to a standstill in Masvingo City today as money changers blocked roads in the CBD mourning a deceased colleague.

George Maponga in Masvingo

Business in Masvingo town ground to a halt as money changers invaded the Central Business District (CBD) of the ancient town to pay their last respects to a colleague, who died on Saturday.

Cars in a long convoy screeched tyres, hooted, accompanied by loud music from car radios, ululating and shouting that saw many people abandon their business to watch.

The late popular Masvingo foreign currency dealer Rasmos Mafaune

Rasmos Mafaune was a popular city foreign currency chauffer who reportedly succumbed to a heart ailment.

Some mourners hung precariously from car windows as the hearse bearing the remains made its way from a city funeral parlour.

The long convoy, made its way around Masvingo city’s major roads drawing the attention of hordes of curious onlookers.

Mafaune will be buried tomorrow though his place of burial could not be established.

Fellow money- changers, described his death as a huge loss.

“He was a kind-hearted young man who died before his time. We have lost a young innocent soul who was so caring and worked with others well that’s why we have given him a huge send-off.

“We will definitely attend his burial tomorrow wherever the burial will be,” said one of Mafaune’s colleagues who refused to be named.

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