Masterclass for hip-hop artistes Noble Stylz

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In a bid to revive and empower the hip-hop genre for the betterment of the music and arts sector, musician Noble Stylz is hosting a masterclass programme this weekend at Moto Republik in Harare.

The masterclass will run under the theme, “Financial literacy in Arts” and will be facilitated by comedienne Sharon “Magi” Chideu.

According to Noble Stylz, all the panellists have confirmed their participation.

The panel includes former minister Fortune Chasi, senior auditor Chiko Chipunza and ZiFm’s radio producer “PD tha Ghost”.

“Hip-hop generally is the fastest growing culture in the world and it was about time it took its rightful place in our native space,” said Noble Stylz. “The foundation was built and evidently this is the commencement of the reaping season.

“To make hip hop a staple, we are bringing all elements of the culture together because previously only rap was pushed as hard.”

Noble Stylz said it was important to have the “full moon for brighter luminance”. ‘“For The Culture’ is steered through a network of practitioners and key voices in the movement that’s been earned through years called The Hub,” he said.

“We are going to turn this monthly event into a full festival, we also have a ‘For The Culture’ podcast dropping in August to keep pushing the hip hop narrative forward.

“We also have taken a broader approach of having entertainers from across the country to participate and we shall be moving around the country extensively hosting similar events. Ultimately, we want to take this region within our first calendar of existence.”

Commenting on the initiative, some upcoming and established hip hop artistes said it was a great move to have a masterclass as it helped in the development of the genre.

A hip-hop artiste based in Belvedere, King Tflo (24), said, “With the evolution of the genre, especially now that the technology and internet is taking the world by storm, as musicians we should be well equipped and know how to market our music. “We need to learn how to monetise our genre and again gone are the days when they think the genre is dead. This is commendable and a good step in the right direction.”

Self-proclaimed queen of rap, Ruwa-based Mathios, said she was happy about the event and will attend.

“I think it is also an opportunity for us unheralded upcoming musicians to mix and mingle with the established singers in the genre,” she said. 

“I am going to attend and I will make sure my voice will be heard.”

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