Massive Zim dancehall party comes to show

Massive Zim dancehall party comes to show Dhadza D

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The last day of the Harare Agricultural show is known for its busy festivities at various entertainment joints in the capital. Venues in and around Harare Exhibition park get oversubscribed on the last day as entertainment events flood the night. Most of the events are targeted at the youths and most of the young people are dancehall enthusiasts. To carter for the young Zim dancehall followers, Chipaz Promotions has come up with a dancehall show that will take place adjacent to the show-grounds on Saturday.

They have chosen an open space opposite Harare Fire Brigade station to stage a massive show that will see most Zim dancehall musicians performing.

The show will begging at 12 noon and run until the following morning.

The gig has been themed hinged on one of the biggest Zim dancehall stars. It will be titled “Soul Jah Love’s Biggest Dancehall Showdown”.

It will be an event for the dancehall chanter to be on stage with his friends and fellow musicians.

Other musicians that will perform at the event include Seh Calaz, Killer T, Freeman, Kinna, Hwindi President and Silent Killer.

And the list goes on to include T Makwikwi, Jah Signal, Dadza D, Guspy Warrior, Magical, Kadhija, K Queen and Bounty Lisa.

On the turntables will be a sound clash featuring Gary B and Templeman, Judgement Yard, Zim dancehall Empire, Fyah Links, Gaza Empire, Digital One International, Solid Records and Chillspot.

It is indeed set to be a massive dancehall showdown since it involves most of the respected Zim dancehall entertainers.

Partson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions said they have organised the gig to give Zim dancehall followers something to enjoy after the agricultural show.

“We have come up with this event for dancehall followers. The space is big and can accommodate thousands of them. We have a long list of entertainers because the event will run for many hours. We have also made it affordable because our tickets will be going for only $2 and most ghetto youths will be able to come and enjoy themselves,” said Chimbodza.

“It will be a celebration of Soul Jah Love’s achievements as he has remained one of the most consistent artistes on the scene. He has worked with many other dancehall stars and he also has many friends in the genre so we have invited so many artistes to perform at the event.”

Over the previous years, Zim dancehall shows have stolen the limelight at post-agricultural show activities.

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