Maskiri to pay US$150 maintenance

Alishias Musimbe

Court Reporter
URBAN groove singer Alishias Musimbe, affectionately known as Maskiri in the music circles, was yesterday ordered to pay US$150 towards the upkeep of his two minor children by a Chitungwiza Civil Court magistrate. His estranged wife Beular Munetsi had approached the courts seeking US$400 for maintenance but the court reduced the figure to US$150.

Munetsi told the court that the talented rapper had not been taking care of his children since 2004.
“He has not been looking after his children. All this time, I have been fending for the children by myself since 2004,” she said.
Musimbe told the court that he could not afford the money Munetsi was claiming because his earnings were very low.

“I cannot afford that much since my earnings may be US$300 or less per month.
“My job has no fixed salary,” said Masikiri adding, “I am a musician and I depend heavily on shows.”

Munetsi hit back accusing the singer that he gets more than US$1 000 per month since he holds shows abroad.
“He is lying, he gets more than US$1 000 considering that he goes for shows in the United Kingdom,” she said.

She, however, failed to prove her assertion after magistrate Ms Nomsa Sabarauta asked her to produce evidence to substantiate her claims.
“He who alleges should prove the law by producing evidence. Do you have any evidence to substantiate your claims?”

Munetsi failed to prove her claims and Ms Sabarauta asked the couple to leave the court and discuss the figure outside.
They returned shortly after agreeing that Musimbe could pay US$150, pay school fees and buy school uniforms.

“By consent of the two parties, the respondent shall pay US$150 for maintenance, pay school fees and buy school uniforms twice in January and June for the two minor children,” ruled Ms Sabarauta.

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