Maskiri launches perfume Maskiri


Tich Zindoga Entertainment Reporter
Hip hop king Alishias “Maskiri” Musimbe has launched his perfume brand called AlishiasMaskiri. The first batch of the 100ml UK-manufactured catchy deodorant hit the stores on Tuesday and is available in exclusive shops in Harare’s Eastgate and Westgate malls and in Chitungwiza. Maskiri says he is encouraged by the response that he has got so far and expects the product to be flying off the shelves in the coming days.

“It is a new thing in Zimbabwe and we have been very encouraged by the response and demand for a more like roll-ons. At the moment we have the unisex line as we wanted to test the market but soon we will be having different products for the sexes,” said his advisor and publicist Vimbayi Paramu.

She said that even non-Maskiri fans had been impressed by the innovation of the musician been buying the product.
The sassy Maskiri revealed that the idea of a deo started when he toured the UK in 2012.

He said: “I saw an opportunity and my partner and I went to this independent manufacturer where we chose the scent from the ingredients that were available. It took two weeks to settle down on this scent.”

It took a couple of thousands of pounds, too, but with 3 000 units in stock so far Maskiri could reap some pretty rewards from the innovation. Enterprising Maskiri, who is also into a cancer awareness project alongside Pauline Gundidza and Mzimba, will be launching a clothing line soon.

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