Mashwede food court opens in Warren Park

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Mashwede food court opens in Warren Park

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Blessings Chidakwa Herald Reporter
Warren Park residents have welcomed the opening of the Mashwede food court in the area, a move set to boost local employment while bringing convenience to fast food lovers.

Mr Victor Bumba said this was the way to go in terms of decongesting the city and eliminating mushrooming of illegal food outlets in the area.

“Imagine one would drive or board a kombi to just buy two pieces of chicken and chips.

“Apart from the convenience, locals mostly the youths are being employed, contributing to the Government’s thrust of job creation. This is quite a noble initiative,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Rumbidzai Mawonde-Tande said neighbouring suburbs like, Westlea, Westwood and Kambuzuma are also going to benefit from the opening of the food court.

“This will also give a facelift to Warren Park. Fast food outlets were in the past concentrated in the southern suburbs, like Avondale but it is good that even suburbs like Warren Park are benefitting,” she said.

Diversified Mashwede Holdings owner, prominent Zimbabwean businessman and philanthropist Mr Alex Mashamhanda said the opening of the food court was to boost local employment.

“I am just a player in the industry, the main obligation is to just serve my country, live a legacy through creating opportunities for youngsters. I want to play a part that can positively influence the next generation.

“This is also a response to the Government’s call of employment creation. A single drop in an ocean is better than nothing,” he said.

Mr Mashamhanda said his ambition was driven by President Mnangagwa’s words that, ‘nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.’

Other Mashwede food outlets are in Highglen, Southlea Park, Mbare and Chitungwiza.

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