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Mashusha launches talk show for female artistes

10 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Mashusha launches talk show for female artistes Enisia Mashusha

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Mambokadzi dance group founder and director Enisia Mashusha has launched an online talk show that explores topical issues affecting female artistes in the local industry.

The United Kingdom-based artiste says she is inspired to explore women’s issues on the platform to give insight into the arts industry from a woman’s perspective.

Her show, titled “Enisia’s A-List”, was launched on Friday night. Actress and singer Delma Chiwereva was the first guest and she shared her experiences in the industry.

A number of female artistes are expected to feature on the show and tell the world about the challenges and opportunities that have come their way.

The show is expected to hosts Selmor Mtukudzi in its next episode. Mashusha’s partner in the project, Sitshengisiwe Olinda Siziba, interviewed Chiwereva in the exciting debut episode.

The actress and singer talked about her experiences in the industry, including the challenging issue of abuse at the hands of male counterparts, which she said was rampant in the industry.

“There are many cases when film directors, music producers and other male bosses in the arts industry ask for sexual favours from aspiring female artistes. They will tell you that in order to get a role in a certain production, you have to agree to their demands. Many female artistes have gone through such experiences,” said Chiwereva.

“Most women are vulnerable and they end up agreeing to such exploitative terms because they want to get the roles and complementary favours. It is a bad habit. Abuse is the worst thing that is dehumanising females in the arts industry.”

Chiwereva challenged female artistes to stand up against the practice and encouraged participators in the industry to avail channels that can be used to raise complaints about such abuses.

The talk show also provides discussion and comment opportunities for practitioners in the industry.

During the debut show, theatre guru Daniel Maposa was given a chance to talk about abuse of women in the arts industry.

“I believe a professional film director looks for the best talent to come up with an excellent production. If a director asks for sexual favours to give out roles, that man is does not deserve to be a director

“ He does not know what directing a film involves. A professional director looks for people that can make a production successful,” said Maposa. Speaking about her show, Mashusha said she will host several artistes to get various views about their challenges and experiences.

“The show will expose various things that take place in the industry. I have been in the industry for a long time and I know what female artistes go through. This show encourages them to be open about such issues so that responsible authorities address their concerns. It also helps aspiring artistes to know what they may face and how they can deal with such issues,” said Mashusha.

Besides challenges, the show also affords female artistes a platform to showcase their talents and talk about their profiles in arts.

Chiwereva talked about her roles in various theatre and film roles as well as her budding music career.

“I toured the world with Getrude Munhamo when we were staging her theatre production titled ‘Lamentations at 12’. We did a number of shows in Europe and I got to know about how other people do their art in some countries. The experience was awesome,” said Chiwereva.

Delma Chiwereva

She is also a dancer and musician. She is working on her upcoming album that will be released later this year.

Chiwereva gave viewers a taste of her single “Pangu” that has been doing well on various platforms. She said she has been involved in a number of workshops that seek to groom actresses.

Her film engagements include roles in “Izolo Yizolo”, “Salon” and “Lobola”. She is has featured on music videos for artistes that include Jah Prayzah, Baba Harare and Andy Muridzo.

Her appearance on “The A-List Show” is likely to inspire many female artistes to remain steadfast in pursuing their goals in the industry.

Sitshengisiwe Siziba

Mashusha shared the interview on her Facebook page “Enisia Mashusha Official —  The A List Show” and many people liked the concept. They saluted her for fighting for the rights of female artistes.

She became popular as leader of Mambokadzi group, but her involvement in the arts industry dates back to her days at Amakhosi Theatre where she featured in a number of plays.

Mashusha also had numerous stage and film roles that sharpened her skills before she landed her debut role as director at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

She has vowed to pursue arts from her base in the UK and says she has big dreams for projects that involve female  artistes.

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