Mashaya appointed ICO Zimbabwe president Wilfred Mashaya

Takudzwa Chitsiga-Sports Reporter

MULTIPLE award winning martial artist master Wilfred Mashaya has been appointed president of International Combat Organisation in Zimbabwe. 

Mashaya was appointed after a successful tour of England last month. 

The seasoned athlete was in Europe together with Vincent Fambira where they won 11 medals which impressed the ICO organisation that there is talent in Zimbabwe showcased by the two World Champions. 

Among the 11 medals they won were eight gold medals, two Silver medals and one bronze medal. ICO is an International Martial Arts Body based in England with more than 45 affiliated members. 

The association was formed in 2009 by ICO World President, Andrew Hennessy and this was the first time for Zimbabwe to participate in the prestigious tournament. 

The International Combat Organisation was formed to promote and sanction competition in multi-disciplines both nationally and internationally in over 45 countries. 

The ICO organisation was impressed by Master Mashaya’s hard work, dedication, commitment and above all discipline in martial arts. 

Popularly known as the Zim Ninja, Master Mashaya broke history by becoming the first World Kobudo Champion in Zimbabwe and Africa. 

A Holder of four black belts Mashaya also pioneered two martial arts disciplines in Zimbabwe namely Kobudo (weapons) and Bujinkan Ninjutsu. 

In 2019 Mashaya made the nation proud by becoming the first male Zimbabwean to win the prestigious Regional Sportsman of the year representing Zimbabwe after he was crowned the 2018 Zimbabwe Sportsman and Sports person of the year. 

After his appointment Mashaya said he was happy that his efforts are being recognised and appreciated by the International community and promised to work hard in developing local talent. Locally the Zim Ninja is the vice president of Zimbabwe Karate Union and he urged youths to engage into sports as it helps them to stay away from criminal activities and drugs and substance abuse.

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