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TOWARDS the end of last millennium, professors at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom launched a campaign to select “The Leading Scholars of the Second Millennium of the Human Era (1 000-2 000 AD).” Astoundingly, the outcome of the vote ranked Marx as the first and Einstein as the second who has been accustomed to being the number one.

This means that Marx’s explanation of the power that dominates contemporary life still resonates and can still cause world attention. Marxism was not buried by the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, but is once again demonstrating its importance and shows that the ideas and theories that best embody universal values in the real world are, of course, Marxism.

For the first time in history, Marxist theories on the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat have been augmented by the international socialist movement over the “Paris Commune” and the “October Revolution of the Former Soviet Union” which provided valuable experience in the social practice of Marxism. However, the latter, who was the bearer of rights ended its historic mission at the end of last century due to deep ideological intervention by the United States.

Peter Schwartz, former US CIA employee, in his book “Victory – The Secret Government of the United States Government on the Former Soviet Union”, writes without any obscurity: “The collapse of the former Soviet Union was not that God favoured the United States, but was the policy pursued by the Reagan administration.” In the same book, he added: “When it comes to the collapse of the former Soviet Union, not to regard the role of secret strategy of the United States is equivalent to investigating a death case without considering murder undercover.”

The dissolution of the former Soviet Union made the United States the ultimate victor of the Cold War for more than half a century. At the same time, it paved the way for China to become the next adversary of the United States. After 25 years being passed, coinciding with the centennial anniversary of the October Revolution of the former Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party is about to usher in a new century of reconstruction for its party and there no indications today that the United States can win over China.

When Clinton came to power, he said: “China will one day embark on the path of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet communist regime, and the United States must do all it can to encourage the process.”

In retrospect, the United States has never stopped its pace in geopolitics and economic policy which repeatedly created problems for China in the past 30 years. Contrarily, there are no signs that the Chinese Communist Party has lost its stance nor facing any challenges similar to the former Soviet Union.

Regardless of progress and achievements observed in China in recent years, Trump’s appointed White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, blames China for being an authoritative nation. The young people in the United States have been tired of democracy and phenomenon to favourite socialism is brewing. Usually tough-spoken Vladimir Putin openly admits: There’s no gap between China’s current war potential and of the heydays of former Soviet Union!

Leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Communist Party had lost its identity and its belief in the ideal by the strategic underground siege of the American ideological realm. It eventually lost its identity by misjudging its rivals, did not know how to improve itself, in self-denial, did not see the strength of the people, heeded only to the fairytale of the West, and then lost the foundation of governance. As step-by-step, ensuing to its demise was inevitable!

As mentioned above, Marxism has not been buried by the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Chinese Communist Party persevered as the standard bearer of the camp and of the non-combative troops. The firm foundation in ideology and the source of its determination derived from the following:

In the late Qing dynasty government, a prominent minister led a delegation to France. It coincided with the chaos in Paris in March of 1871 and they had to wait until early June to complete their diplomatic mission. In the Qing dynasty, the chief of delegation had to precisely record his daily activities and encounters to be documented in the Royal Palace edition of the official books. Thus, the streetscapes and the gunshots during the Paris Commune were all recorded in the official books.

In other words, in the course of the former Soviet Union’s leadership of international communist movement, it did not have the opportunity to study the documented history of the Bloody Week of the Paris Commune.

That being said, the Chinese Communist Party recorded, edited and approved the relevant historical records of France and Germany based on rare documentary record of the Paris Commune (the handwriting of this minister has been affirmed by his descendants) and formed a complete historical material on the first proletarian revolutionary exercise that is most valuable to the Marxist theory on international communist movement.

It can be said that firm conviction of the Chinese Communist Party, by no means of luck or coincidence and without losing its identity and being cognisant of the elements of its rival, has won the world’s approval of confidence by its compilation of historical documentary materials and study of the valuable proletarian revolutionary movements. The former Soviet Union’s malpractice of Marxist theories led to its disorder, but its original ideology is now reincarnated through many decades of persistent efforts by the new bearer and no rivals will have the opportunity to subjugate our movement.

St Wisdom is a pen name for one Chinese writer

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