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Marondera assures residents of safe water

09 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views
Marondera assures residents of safe water

The Herald

Mash East Correspondent

Marondera Municipality has assured residents in Marondera of safe water for consumption, after it received two months’ supply of water purification chemicals.

Two weeks ago during a tour at the municipality’s water purification centre by the Minister of State for Mashonaland East Province, Apolonia Munzverengi, Marondera Municipality revealed that the water department was left with a week’s supply of the chemicals, a revelation which raised alarm, especially in the wake of the outbreak of cholera and typhoid diseases.

In an interview with The Herald, Engineer Christopher Chineka assured residents of safe water to drink.

Said Eng Chineka: “The situation concerning chemicals has returned to normalcy, we have received two months’ supply of water purification chemicals from our usual suppliers.

“Recently, we announced, during a tour to one of the dams supplying Marondera town, that we were left with only a week supply of chemicals, but I am happy to say today that we have received enough chemicals and now residents should not panic at all.”

Eng Chineka said after every two months, the municipality receives chemicals, a pattern over the years.

“Under normal circumstances, we receive stocks of these chemicals after every two months,” he said.

“Our suppliers have assured us of that. So I can safely say the issue of chemicals has been resolved and we will continue to fulfil our mandate of delivering safe water to our residents.”

On the issue of water rationing, which has seen residents receiving water twice a week for many months, Eng Chineka said the municipality was working on improving the water network and drawing more water from one of the dams east of Marondera                          town.

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