Maridadi’s appointment evidence of inclusivity

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Maridadi’s appointment evidence of inclusivity Ambassador Maridadi

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Tafara Shumba Correspondent
The appointment of former MDC legislator for Mabvuku-Tafara, James Maridadi as one of the 15 ambassadors-designate, has torched a storm which, nonetheless, is much ado about nothing.

Sections 110 (2) (i) 204 of the Constitution of the country simply stipulates that the President may appoint persons to be ambassadors or other principal representatives of Zimbabwe in other countries. It was in terms of this provision that President Mnangagwa appointed James Maridadi. Unless he is not a person or Zimbabwean, the President did not err.

Maridadi has been given all sorts of names, to an extent of being accused of being a Central Intelligence Organisation operative and a Zanu-PF project. Of course labelling propaganda has of late become very trendy in the MDC, with anyone who expresses an independent mind attracting that label. That party’s secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora, for instance, is battling to shrug off the label stuck on him after he had shown interest in the party’s presidency.

The all-encompassing appointment of ambassadors reflects the statesmanship of the President who is not lost to the fact that he is a president of all citizens in the country regardless of their political persuasions. After he took up the reins of Government in November 2017, President Mnangagwa underlined the need for unity that goes beyond political divides.

“I intend . . . am required, to serve our country as the President of all citizens, regardless of colour, creed, religion, tribe or political affiliation,” said the President in his inauguration speech.

The President has been beseeching Zimbabweans to work together as the Zimbabwe we want is a shared one and transcends political party lines. He has been making good his promise of working with all Zimbabweans. However, that effort has been frustrated and spurned in some circles.

In his quest for inclusive government, the President indicated that Government was to establish the position of leader of opposition in Parliament in accordance with Commonwealth tradition. The MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa was set to be the first occupant of that office. He, however, rushed to reject the offer as if it was specifically designed for him.

The appointment of Maridadi is just, but a fulfilment of his inauguration pledges. The President is walking the talk. It was in this spirit that he retained the late Trudy Stevenson as the country’s representative in Senegal despite the late envoy being an MDC senior official.

It is in the same spirit that Hilda Mufudze, an MDC official seconded during the GNU as ambassador to Sudan, was never recalled.

Therefore, the appointment of Maridadi falls within the deliberate governance path that the new dispensation set to follow. As a President of all Zimbabweans, he has the leeway to head-hunt individuals who can assist him to make a Zimbabwe that everybody is craving for. It so happened that in MDC-Alliance, he saw that competence in Maridadi.

During the previous dispensation, former president, Robert Mugabe showered praises on Nelson Chamisa, describing him as a “supersonic minister.”  It was after the then youthful minister of Information Communication Technology, launched the e-government computer programme in 2011.

That did not mean he was a Zanu-PF project or a CIO operative. Acknowledging competence in people despite ideological differences is one of the rare attributes of good leadership.

Those who are questioning Maridadi’s appointment might be motivated by jealous. After throwing him into political doldrums, Maridadi, like a phoenix, suddenly holds the most esteemed position in the opposition. He will be the only opposition member to enjoy the presidential title, His Excellency. He will be the face of Zimbabwe in the host country. In other words, he will be president of Zimbabwe in that country.

Sources say that some MDC officials who had been earmarked for some Government positions were threatened with expulsion. It should cross the mind of the opposition leaders that some Government appointments such as ambassadorial, have nothing to do with political parties.

The President also made similar appointments previously and those appointments never attracted such a hullabaloo. Kirsty Coventry was appointed a full minister, but nobody complained. Minister Winston Chitando was also appointed Minister of Mines and Mining Development. These and a few others had no party cards. The President can appoint anyone from anywhere as long as that appointee has merits.

The Presidential Advisory Council comprises of members who are not Zanu-PF and some of them are even serious government critics. President Mnangagwa is trying to involve everyone in the rebuilding of this country after some decades of isolation.

Maridadi is very suitable for the post. The exuberance he exhibited in parliamentary debates can be channelled towards nation building. He should sell the Zimbabwean story with the vigour he displayed in Parliament.

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