Manyeruke ropes in Sipho  Makhabane

Machanic Manyeruke

Stanley Mushava Arts Correspondent
The granddad of gospel music, Machanic Manyeruke, has enlisted the services of South African psalmist Sipho Makhabane for his new album “Kubva Muhuruva” which is slated for release on September 24. The Big Fish, as Sipho Makhabane is fondly known by his hordes of fans, fell for Baba Manyeruke’s bait and will feature on a track entitled “Uyeza Ujesu”.

“We have already finished packaging the album and we are good to go.
“My promoter Dickson Mutswairo, however, felt that it will be a sound idea to defer the release of the album to September when I will stage a show at HICC,” Manyeruke told Herald Entertainment.

The seven-track album features the title track “Kubva Muhuruva”, “Ruregerero”, “Baba Vedu Vari Kudenga”, “Ndigariswe Pakanaka”, “Mai veMuponesi Wangu”, “Nemufananidzo Wake” and the duet “Uyeza Ujesu”.

Duets have become the norm in the gospel fraternity, with such gangly alliances as Solly Mahlangu and Keke Phofoolo making an impact each time they take to the  podium.

Baba Manyeruke features on the song “Tinoenda Kure” off Sabastian Magacha’s latest offering “Back to Sender” which is currently making waves on local radio stations.

Makhabane last partnered with a local artiste when he featured on Elias Musakwa’s 2004 album.
“Kubva Muhuruva is a reflection of the journey than the Lord has seen me through. It is a musical response to God for elevating me from my days as a gardener in the city to a household minister of the Gospel,” Manyeruke said.

“Ndigariswe Pakanaka is another track that is immediately personal. However, it is not a look backward like Kubva Muhuruva, but a look forward.
“I will be pleading with the Lord to secure a place for me in heaven when I have finished my journey here.

“It’s a prayer-song in which I ask for the Jesus’ help to finish well and be with Him in Heaven when all is sung and done,” he said.
Interestingly, “Kubva Muhuruva” literally translated to out of the dust, resonates with the legend of the mythical phoenix which soars out of its ashes and flies back to the summit after a long absence.

After the lukewarm response to his previous studio effort, “Muchandiziva Here”, which he says was scuttled by piracy “Kubva Muhuruva” is poised to reclaim Manyeruke’s stake as one of the foremost psalmists of our time.

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