Manyengavana to stay on


Ellina Mhlanga Sports Reporter
THE ZIFA Northern Region have backed chairman Willard Manyengavana to continue in his role despite their leader having recently been appointed director of operations at Premiership giants CAPS United.

Manyengavana was on Christmas Eve named a board member in charge of operations in a management restructuring undertaken by CAPS United president Farai Jere. There have been questions since that move on whether Manyengavana would be relinquishing his chairmanship of the Northern Region following his appointment at CAPS United. However, Northern region fixtures secretary Sweeney Mushonga yesterday said his board had no qualms with having Manyengavana doubling up as a CAPS United board member and also retaining his position at the region which administers the Division One League.

“There is no way it will affect his chairmanship of the Northern region. Willard traces his roots to CAPS United and it is like someone who has married but keeps going back home to his mum everyday. I don’t see any problem with the fact that he is in love with the club.

“”As Northern region we support and we feel the appointment is like his personal business. We actually hope that his new portfolio will not hinder the discharge of his duties at Northern Region where he has done an excellent job and did it passionately,’’ Mushonga said.

Under Manyengavana’s leadership the Northern Region stood out as the only branded Division One League in the country.

The leadership which has made some great strides in creating a competitive and vibrant league also includes vice-chairman Martin Kweza, Robert Mamvura, John Remba and Stansislous Nyachowe.

Despite a tough economic environment, Manyengavana led his board in attracting such corporate partners like World Navi who are their main sponsors as well as Supreme Panel Beaters, and Yadah TV who bankrolled a knock-out competition.

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