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Mannex back at Red Cafe

09 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
Mannex back at Red Cafe Mannex

The Herald

Arts Correspondent
After an impressive show at Red Café last weekend, reggae singer Mannex returns to the venue on Saturday for another dance with fans.

Reggae fans enjoyed last week’s slot and Mannex — born Emmanuel Motsi — proved that he can represent the genre well on the local scene.

He did a number of covers of popular reggae hits and also belted out his compositions much to the delight of merrymakers. This week he comes with guest Lutah King who will also help push the genre that is already bringing good numbers to Red Café.

Mannex is a happy man because of the latest development.

“It seems we are heading for a weekly reggae slot at Red Café. People are responding well and it is a good development for us as reggae singers. We will be happy to have a place where we have a home. It will be good to see reggae musicians rotating in that weekly slot,” said Mannex.

“We are inviting people to come in their numbers on Saturday. We are geared up to take our act higher. They will see a bigger performance than they saw last week. We always strive to do the best every time we go on stage.”

An official at Red Café said they are happy with the response they have received since they started hosting musicians at their place. They have also spread their wings to include poetry and a television show as part of their programme.

To enhance variety, the place will tomorrow host Blessings the Blade. He will share the stage with Evidence who leads a group called Bekground.

Blessing the Blade is well-known for exciting covers of local and international hits. He has entertained revellers at various venues.

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