ManLuckerz in Swedish Fest ManLuckerz

Arts Correspondent

Kundai Marunya

Swedish-based traditional musician Makandire Chezhira Chikutu, popularly known as  ManLuckerz, is set to perform at the Vision’s Festival in Perrongen Katrineholm, Sweden, on 18 March.

The show will be the musician’s first this year, having taken time to rest after the festive holidays.

It is in line with the musician’s plans to have more performances and events, an improvement from the years that came after Covid-19 struck and crippled the arts sector.

ManLuckerz said the break gave his band, Zim Traditional Unity, a chance to perfect their stage work.

“We had taken a rest from performances since December, but we are now back in full performance mode,” he said. “Over our break we worked hard in rehearsal so that we start this year on a whole new level.”

Led by ManLuckerz, the Zim Traditional Unity band also comprises of instrumentalists from other Southern African countries, including Mozambique.

It has a huge following in Sweden having been at the centre of performances, festivals and educative workshops in schools and community centres over the years.

ManLuckerz is also a revered cultural ambassador and author whose writing ignites an interest in Zimbabwean culture.

He said he was grateful to be able to represent Zimbabwe at a global stage.

“I’m always happy to share my culture, the Zimbabwean culture and music through performances,” he said. “As noted when the year began, this year we are going heavy on the culture and stage presence, to try and make up for time lost during the Corona virus pandemic.

“This show is a really special show for us as a band as it will be a first show for the year, one that sets the tone for more to follow.”

ManLuckerz said he had more shows lined up.

“There are a number of shows lined up for the year, but we will share details in due course as we finalise on logistics,” he said. “We are always perfecting our act as a band so always expect to be amazed with something new on stage.”

Last year, ManLuckerz released “Rongeka”, an album that was well received by his legion of fans across the globe.

He has been performing songs off the album, mixed with some of his old popular jams.

From time to time, he is known to collaborate with his teenage daughter and his mother on stage.

ManLuckerz said he did this to keep his culture alive in the family.

“Our parents are our fore-bearers for tradition and culture while our children are the to take it on and keep it alive,” he said. “This year we are targeting to spread our culture and heritage while also teaching our children on the importance of tradition and inspiring them to preserve culture.”

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