Mandiwanzira, Mliswa clash at AAG meeting

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Mandiwanzira, Mliswa clash at AAG meeting Minister Mandiwanzira

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Interim secretary-general, Mr Tendai Savanhu, then said a fact finding committee made up of lawyers, accountants and AAG founder members would be set up to establish the authenticity of the allegations made against the ousted executive.

When the meeting was opened to the floor Mr Mliswa made a number of allegations against his colleagues in the former executive.
The Mandiwanzira-led executive was also accused of embarking on foreign trips that were not beneficial to the AAG and of using the group to defend personal interests that were not in line with the body’s objectives.


“The probe is important so that those who are leaders should be held accountable to people because when you don’t account there will be a crisis.
However, Mr Mandiwanzira denied that he had abused AAG’s resources, saying he had sacrificed a lot for the organisation’s cause.
“The issue here is not about finger pointing, this is not an investigation but a fact finding mission and the facts will speak for themselves.

“There is a perception that that we are supposed to have stolen money from AAG yet there is no single day I have asked for a cent from AAG. If there is anyone with information that I received money please bring it to Mr Savanhu,” he said.


Mr Mandiwanzira said the AAG operated from his business premises but he did not ask for any rentals or contributions to pay bills. It was at this point that the Midlands province secretary-general raised a point of order that the meeting was not a platform for people to defend themselves.

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