Mandi Chimene provides cover Cde Chimene
Minister Chimene

Minister Chimene

Cletus Mushanawani in Mutare—
THOSE in Government calling on President Mugabe to leave office should go as well as some of them have been ministers in Government since 1980, Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Mandi Chimene, has said. Speaking at a Zanu-PF youth inter-district conference at Marymount Teachers’ College in Mutare yesterday, Cde Chimene, said: “It is shocking to hear some people saying President Mugabe has overstayed in office, yet some of the people saying that have been in office since 1980. The same people have also overstayed their welcome and they should be kicked out of the party. Some people are saying the Zanu-PF house is on fire with more people in line for firing, but who wants to continue having rubbish in their houses?

“It is funny that those fronting for President Mugabe’s ouster are some of the major beneficiaries of his benevolence. Some have a well-known history of losing elections, but assume offices through appointments, but today they are demonising the same person. Some have a fleet of cars obtained from serving in Government, but they are proving to be ungrateful. Some are staying in mansions because of President Mugabe, but today he is no-longer capable to rule this country. We should be thankful.”

She added: “Some of you, both husband and wife were appointed ministers as well as Politburo members by President Mugabe, but you still continue back-stabbing him. You should accept the reality on the ground that you were fired from your positions and move on with life.”

Cde Chimene urged youths to refrain from being used by some politicians pursuing selfish agendas.

“Every youth should stand up and rally behind President Mugabe. We know that there are some clandestine meetings being held in some individuals’ houses, but you should be warned that you risk meeting the same fate like those misleading you when the whip is cracked,” she said.

Yesterday’s meeting was held to mobilise youths for the one million men march in solidarity with President Mugabe slated for May on a day to be announced.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zanu-PF national deputy secretary for youth affairs, Cde Kudzanai Chipanga, said President Mugabe enjoyed massive support he got from the electorate in 2013 and those calling for his retirement should “go and hang”.

“President Mugabe did not vote himself into office in 2013. It was the masses of Zimbabwe that gave him the mandate to be in power until the next election, which is in 2018. Some people are now thinking that they are extra special and bigger than the party and push for President Mugabe’s ouster.

“Daydreamers who think they are presidential material because their wives would have pampered them with lies should wake up from their dreams. People like (war veteran chairman Chris) Mutsvangwa and (Cde Victor) Matemadanda should go hang. Some of them are forgetting that the comfortable lives they are living were a result of President Mugabe’s benevolence. They should return the vehicles and land they obtained through Zanu-PF. Cde Chimene, you should warn some of your colleagues to remember that the party is bigger than individuals. We should not hesitate to point it out to those who would have gone astray. Selling out does not have an age limit, but to them we want to categorically state that President Mugabe will be in office for life whether you like it or not,” said Cde Chipanga.

He said Manicaland was expected to provide 100 000 youths for the million men march. “The provincial leadership should start mobilising for resources now because we want to send a message to Britain, the United States and all those pushing for President Mugabe’s ouster that our leader still has grassroots support,” said Cde Chipanga.

Recently appointed provincial youth chairman, Cde Mubuso Chinguno, said some war veterans should shed off their liberation war thinking and view themselves not as a special lot.

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