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Man returns from SA, finds unauthorised pair in his house


Grace Nyoni Midlands Reporter
Two daring Gweru women broke into a locked house and occupied it for six months without the knowledge of the owner, a Gweru magistrate heard yesterday.

The complainant, Mr Nkosiyabo Hove, who is working in South Africa, left his house — Number 11306 Mkoba 20 — locked and unoccupied in August last year, when he left the country only to find two women living in the house upon his return last week.

The shocked Mr Hove reported the matter to police at Mkoba 1 Police Station, leading to the arrest of the two women, Shantell Ncube (23) and Precious Mashonjowa (24).

The two intruders appeared before magistrate, Mrs Judith Taruvinga, facing unlawful entry and unauthorised use of property. Mrs Taruvinga sentenced the duo to a wholly suspended nine months in prison after they pleaded guilty to the charges.

They were ordered to restitute the complainant $167 in incurred water charges during the unlawful stay by 31st of this month. The prosecutor, Miss Sonile Mahlangu, said on an unknown date, but in August last year, Ncube and Mashonjowa broke a padlock and entered Hove’s house after they discovered that there was no one living there.

The court heard that Ncube and Mashonjowa went on to occupy the house outside the knowledge of Mr Hove. The two incurred a water bill of $167 during their unlawful occupation of the house, the court heard. When Mr Hove returned from South Africa last week, he found the two in the house, sharing rooms and using his property.

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