Man kills in-law over medical bills

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Man kills in-law over medical bills

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Victor Maphosa Mash East Correspondent
A Marondera man has been arrested for allegedly fatally assaulting his father-in-law during a row over his mother-in-law’s medical bills.

Wellington Zhuwaki (46), who is taking care of his mother-in-law, went to his father-in-law, Timothy Chinyani, to discuss how the mother-in-law’s medical bills would be settled.

A disagreement arose between the two resulting in Zhuwaki fatally assaulting his father-in-law.

Mashonaland East police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident.

“The incident occurred on November 18 at around 7pm where one Wellington Zhuwaki, who is taking care of her wife’s mother, went to his father-in-law Timothy Chinyani (64) to discuss the medical bills accrued by Chinyani’s wife,” said Insp Mwanza.

Insp Mwanza said the dispute became heated and Zhuwaki grabbed a whip and started assaulting Chinyani.

Zhuwaki grabbed Chinyani and shoved him into the kitchen and locked the door before turning the whip on Chinyani’s son who was also at home that day, it is alleged.

Chinyani pleaded with his son- in-law to open the door for him and allow him to relieve himself.

Zhuwaki is said to have agreed to the request and opened the door. It is said Chinyani bolted out and disappeared into the darkness.

He was found lying in a neighbour’s yard complaining of side pains.

The neighbour took Chinyani back to his homestead where he left him in his bedroom where he died.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a case in which a 34-year-old woman from Maramba under Chief Chirinda of Dzumbunu village fatally assaulted her 30-year-old husband following a dispute over money.

The incident occurred on November 17. Accoring  to Insp Mwanza: “Nomove Chaparadza of Dzumbunu Village, Chief Chirinda, Maramba, was at his second wife’s homestead when his first wife, Nancy Mhako, asked him to accompany her home.”

“Chaparadza, who had spent three weeks with his second wife, Angeline Kanyasa (29), complied. Along the way, Mhako asked Chaparadza for money to cater for their child’s graduation fees and food, but Chaparadza told her he did not have any, which angered her.”

Insp Mwanza said Mhako grabbed Chaparadza by the belt and started assaulting him in full view of a couple from the same village.

He said Chaparadza managed to free himself and ran for dear life, with Mhakoin hot pursuit.

When Mhako realised that she could not catch up with her hubby, she allegedly picked up a stone, threw it and hit Chaparadza on the back of his head.

It is said Chaparadza fell down, and became unconscious.

Realising that her husband was injured, Mhako rushed to a neighbour’s home and asked for a bucket of water which she poured on Chaparadza to revive him, but to no avail.

A report was later made to Mutawatawa Police Station by witnesses.

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