Man kills 14 family members, hangs self

Man kills 14 family members, hangs self

NEW DELHI. – A man in the Indian state of Maharastra killed 14 members of his family before committing suicide at his house yesterday, police said. The gruesome incident took place at Mumbai’s Thane during the early hours yesterday. “We have recovered the bodies from the house and their throats have been slit with a sharp-edged knife,” a police official told media outside the house.

“The man, who is believed to be behind the murders, was found hanging in one room holding a knife.” Reports said the deceased include eight children, the man’s wife, his three sisters, and his parents besides the man himself.

A woman, who is one of the family members who survived the attack, has been hospitalised. Ashutosh Dumbare, joint commissioner of Thane Police, said they have started investigations into the case.

“The reason behind the killings is still unknown as there is only one survivor and we haven’t recorded her statement as of now because she is in a state of shock,” Dumbare told media.

Reports quoting preliminary investigations said the man had sedated the family members before killing them one after another. – Xinhua.

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