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Man killed over ‘stolen’ maize cobs

Man killed over ‘stolen’ maize cobs

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
Two Harare men yesterday appeared in court for allegedly killing a man whom they suspected to have stolen maize cobs from their neighbourhood.

Thomas Demo (23) and Bothwell Nyikayaramba (56) were charged with murder when they appeared before magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo.

Mr Makomo denied the duo bail and ordered them to approach the High Court for the application.

They will be back in court on March 31. The duo had earlier on complained to the court that they were assaulted with empty bottles and a golf club while in police custody.

Allegations are that on March 9, at a dirt road between Epworth and Msasa, the accused met the deceased, who is yet to be identified, and started accusing him of stealing maize cobs from a nearby maize field.

The court heard that the pair together with their accomplices who are still at large assaulted the now deceased with unknown objects all over the body. It is the State’s case that the alleged thief died on the spot as a result of injuries he sustained from the assault.

The court heard that upon realising that they had killed the man, the accused and their accomplices dumped the deceased’s body between some rocks at an open space where it was later discovered, leading to their arrest.

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