Man killed over ‘snooker’

Man killed  over ‘snooker’

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
A dispute over a game of pool led a 23-year-old Masvingo man to fatally stab a fellow villager on Christmas Day, police have confirmed.

Liberty Mutekuro (23) of Chitiami Village allegedly stabbed Tinashe Shepherd Shindi (22) of Muzarira Village under Chief Chikwanda on the right side of the neck.

Shindi, who bled profusely as a result of the assault, collapsed and died about 100 metres away from Zano Business Centre.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said the incident occurred on Christmas Day at around 8pm.

She said on the fateful day, Shindi, Dennis Mutekuro (25) and Claudius Mikuro (30) — who are all from Muzarira Village — were at Day and Night Club drinking beer.

They later moved to Zano Business Centre, where they met Mutekuro and started to drink beer while playing snooker.

“The two, who were playing snooker, had an argument over whose turn it was to play,” Insp Mazula said.

It is alleged that Shindi tried to play his game ahead of Mutekuro who had already booked his token after fellow patrons, who were about to finish their game.

The two had an altercation, but they were restrained by two police officers on patrol.

According to Insp Mazula, Mutekuro withdrew his token and left through a footpath which passed by the fields.

Shindi went after him.

“He allegedly caught up with his target about 100m away from the business centre,” said Insp Mazula.

“The two started to fight and at the height of the fight, Mutekuro produced an Okapi knife from his pocket and stabbed Shindi on the right side of his neck three times.”

Police said the injured Shindi managed to escape and ran towards Zano Business Centre along a different footpath.

Though he cried out for help, no one came to his rescue.

He later collapsed near a bottle store at the business centre and died.

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