Man jailed 20 years for raping daughter

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Man jailed 20 years for raping daughter

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A 38-year-old man has been jailed for an effective 16 years for raping his 14-year-old daughter saying he wanted to teach her ‘adulthood’.

The man from western Harare was initially sentenced to 20 years in jail when he was convicted by Harare regional magistrate Mr Ignatio Kudakwashe Mhene.

Mr Mhene set aside four years of his jail term on condition he does not commit a similar offence within five years of his release from prison.

Prosecutor Mr Shepherd Makonde told the court that the girl was staying with her father in a single-room in Crowborough.

On December 31 last year, at around 9pm, the girl was left in the company of her father texting her sister when her father went to kneel besides her on the floor.

The 38-year-old then went on to tell his daughter he wanted to teach her how to be intimate, but the girl refused.

He then threatened to kill or chuck her out of the house during the night if she did not accept his “lessons” offer.

The man then used his T-shirt to gag the child before he raped her.

After the assault, the man told her daughter that it had been a while since he separated with her mother and there was no one satisfying him in bed.

He then untied her daughter, wore clothes and retired to bed whilst his daughter slept on the floor since they shared the same room.

On the following day, the man told his daughter not to reveal the rape to anyone as he would rot in jail.

But the teenage girl later told her mother, who took the matter to the police leading to her father’s arrest.


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