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Man commits suicide over pending assault case

25 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Man commits suicide over pending assault case

The Herald

Runesu Gwidi in GUTU
A 40-year-old man here allegedly hanged himself on a tree at his homestead last week in a suspected case of stress over an assault case that is before the courts.

It is reported that Lastborn Bhusvu of Rwodzi Village under Chief Chimombe in Bhasera had been taken to court for assaulting his mother.

He appeared before Gutu resident magistrate, Mr Victor Mahamadi, who postponed the matter to today for trial.

Mr Mahamadi last week bemoaned the incident, adding that the death of Bhusvu was unfortunate.

“It’s both a shocking and unfortunate development to learn that the accused decided to kill himself over a pending case,” he said.

Bhusvu was being accused of beating up his mother with his hands and feet.

He is alleged to have assaulted the mother for taking in his sister’s children whom he accusd of hopping from one marriage to the next.

Bhusvu is alleged to have told her mother that the sister’s behaviour was a burden to the whole family.

Prosecuting, Mr Samuel Magobeya told the court that on July 18 last year, Bvusvu approached his mother and asked her why she accepted into her custody the children born of different fathers.

He said an argument ensued, resulting in Bhusvu assaulting his mother.

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