The Herald, November 24, 1985

HAROLD Bidwell (101) says he is looking for another bride after divorcing his wife Lucy (65) “because she wasn’t domesticated enough”.

They married when he was 92. – Ziana-Reuter.


 Love knows no age is a common phrase that is used worldwide. It literary means that people can find love at any age. There is no barrier or cut off age for people to find love.

 When people grow old they tend to rely more on their soulmates for companionship because the children would have moved out to start their own families. So couples tend to grow closer than apart. 

 However, starting a new relationship when one is advanced in age can be problematic.

 No person is perfect, but couples need to be appreciative of their partner’s shortfalls, including areas where they do not seem to measure up to their standards.

 People should learn to be satisfied and appreciative of what they have. The man in the story spent nine whole years with his wife and after almost a decade together, he suddenly decided to divorce her on the basis that she was not domesticated enough. 

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