Mambas netball team engage fitness guru Faith Chaodza

Takudzwa Chitsiga Sports Reporter

Mambas Netball Club, who are relishing the resumption of the sport in this country, upped their preparations as they engaged the services of professional fitness trainer Faith Chaodza of GoFit.

The seasoned campaigners’ coach, Walter Badza, hailed GoFit for giving his athletes time in their fitness preparation ahead of the netball tournament which is set to start soon.

The aerobics and fitness session saw the team taking part in activities such as zumba, aerobics, taebo and cardio workouts.

“We would like to thank GoFit with this kind gesture, especially as we are expecting to start our league competition which is set to start anytime soon.

“This activity helps us a lot as we try to intensify our preparations so as to boost our players’ fitness level ahead of the netball tournament.

“We are aiming higher in this year’s tournament so it will help us a lot in making sure that these guys are fit.

“They have been off season for a long time so we need to catch up and return to the previous form that we were in before the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdown,” said Badza.

GoFit founder and certified fitness trainer Chaodza said it is a complimentary gesture to the team as they prepare for the soon to start season.

“This is just a complimentary gesture to the team as they prepare for their netball activities.

“As GoFit we specialise in everything that has to do with fitness hence the idea of partnering with this team but we are also looking forward to engaging more sports codes so as to encourage them on the importance of staying fit as a sport personality.

“GoFit Crossfit centre is based at Allan Wilson School. Cross-fit is a full body workout, a combination of tyre work-out, aerobics, zumba and weights, basically it’s everything.

“It’s basically for weight loss, toning and a bit of bulking. But we are not for bodybuilding,” said Chaodza.

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