Malema shows true colours of a turncoat

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Malema shows true colours of a turncoat The Zimbabwe Defense Forces said they are only targeting the criminals around the President

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President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Tafara Shumba:Correspondent

It’s only now that it has become apparent why the revolutionary party, the African National Congress, expelled its former mannerless youth league leader, Julius Malema. It was good riddance for sure. One thing about the young Malema that will injure his political career is his lust for money.He can do anything for money, even selling out the revolution. He had almost deceived everyone to view him as a young politician who is conscious of Pan-Africanism.

Africa, we all thought, was set to benefit from his youthful exuberance to push for African ideology. Had it not been for some pounds and United States dollars that were dangled before him, Malema was metamorphosing into a latter-day Kwameh Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere, among other great Africans.

In slapdash fashion, Malema this week called on President Mugabe to step down, claiming that his continued stay in power was not good for Zimbabwe, SADC and the so-called African revolution project.

He went on to slur Zanu-PF members whom he called cowards for endorsing President Mugabe’s presidential candidature. It is not too far to forget the London tour that Malema and his fellow Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leaders took to meet one of the chief architects of imperialism, Lord Robin Renwick on the sly.

Upon their return, EFF grossly altered their policies to align them with their new handlers. It was then that Malema began to attack revolutionaries such as Jacob Zuma and President Mugabe, among others.

He even had the temerity to attack the late revered African statesman, Nelson Mandela. From London, Malema’s mantra was typified by the “Mugabe must go”, “Zuma must go.”

EFF was ostensibly founded on the Marxist-Leninist principles. Malema himself appeared to draw inspiration from the broad Marxist-Leninist tradition. He used to criticise his former party, ANC, for allegedly being pro-business, a stance that he said was tantamount to selling black South Africans to capitalism as cheap labour.

He even proposed to expropriate without compensation the land that the capitalists stole. He used to praise President Mugabe for showing Africa how land reclamation is done.

Malema even proposed to nationalise the mining and the banking sectors. All these policy proposals were dumped upon his return from London.

Of course, Malema could not talk of nationalising the economy any more after meeting the man who claims to have converted Mandela from demanding nationalisation of the economy.

Malema and his EFF became very soft on things they believed would hurt the sensibilities and interests of the white imperialists. The discourse about land expropriation without compensation and nationalisation of the economy are now taboo to EFF.

One wonders who this Renwick is, who, overnight, turns a promising revolutionary into an agent of the West. The little that is known of him is that he was the handler of another sell out, Bishop Abel Muzorewa.

He was deployed to Zimbabwe in 1978 to put in place a neo-colonial settlement that would see the colonialist maintaining grip on the economy.

He was one of the people who convinced the Zanu-PF Government to delay the land reform by 20 years. It was a huge disappointment to him when President Mugabe finally embarked on land reform.

This is the crime that the Zimbabwean leader committed that has seen Renwick recruiting his one-time ardent defender to assist in the regime change in Zimbabwe.

Not long ago, Malema was described as an ideologue taking after President Mugabe. He had over-the-top adulation of President Mugabe and he has been struggling to model himself on the man.

In 2015, just a year ago, Malema said: “President Mugabe is the only leader who knows for the real change to come.” He believed then that Africa should be governed by one leader like President Mugabe.

“We don’t see what is happening in Zimbabwe as anarchy. We don’t blame it on President Mugabe, we blame it on capital. It is because they disagree with him politically. They use their economic muscles to punish the people of Zimbabwe,” said Malema in 2015 before the substance he is now smoking played havoc with his mental faculties.

This time, they have used their economic muscle to change Malema’s political colour. Come on Malema, it’s only a year when you said you “don’t care if a president in Africa goes for a third term or for the fourth term.” If these sentiments no longer hold true for Malema after just a year, then the young man must have really taken leave of his senses.

He is an unprincipled and chameleon politician. A space of 12 months cannot justify his claim that President Mugabe has overstayed in power.

However, if Malema took delivery of whatever amount to do that hatchet job, then that is fraud at its worst because the assignment he accepted to do is taller than what he can imagine.

Zimbabweans have never asked him to help them to dethrone their leader. When they are fed up with President Mugabe, they will do it through the ballot.

They are not cowards as Malema claims but are law-abiding citizens who uphold their constitution. If Malema has a preferred heir, he must advise him to throw his or her hat in the ring in 2018 rather than inciting them the way he did. It’s folly for any coach to substitute a winning team.

Team Zanu-PF is playing very well, with its chief striker Robert Mugabe relentlessly scoring. Then there is one fan who does not support Team Zanu-PF nor the rival team but has been seen hobnobbing with the later. That fan comes to Team Zanu-PF to advise it to substitute their striker, Mugabe, because he has overstayed in the team. It will take a fool to heed that perfidious advice.

He just wants Team Zanu-PF to field a weaker striker for the advantage of the rival team. Alas, anyangira yaona (his hidden agenda has been unearthed).

President Mugabe and his party had just romped to victory by 13 156 votes against 2 453 for the second candidate in a by-election in Bikita West. How can one tell such a people’s darling to step down?

He resoundingly won in the 2013 harmonised elections and somebody wants him to step down.

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