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Male shorts trending

18 Jan, 2020 - 00:01 0 Views
Male shorts trending Do not be afraid to wear a little colour — add variety to your wardrobe, experiment and play around with fun patterns and colours

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Happy new week and it is back to school and back to work for some.
Fashion is important in society because it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their own individuality.

Even though we do not want to judge others by what they are wearing, we find ourselves doing so because the world is our runway.

You need to understand that the fashion business is ever growing, changing and influencing the way we think, act, feel and look.

This is why there is an influx of trendy shorts that are dominating with local

The shorts which some have described as “bedroom shorts” or “beach shorts” are topping the streets with some men seen donning them with knee high socks and matching sneakers.

Yes, they are cute, colourful and trendy but is it the right season or in Zimbabwe do we actually understand season?
Of late, the shorts have divided opinions on social media with most women asking who the right person to wear shorts is?
Some women laughed out loud that some men’s legs look like golf clubs or a camel in boots.

Popular fashion Esquire editors have also queried that should we blame it on global warming, or blame it on the laxity of the millennial perspective. But generally men’s shorts are aggressively shifting into common place attire, both in the workplace and out.

Though some people feel they cannot “deal with your calves shimmying all over the office”, should we say men should go ahead with this trend or not?
And so the debate rages on.

Well, shorts are fine if you get them right.
They have to look purposeful and intentional, but what exactly that means varies depending on the situation. In a casual environment, they should fit properly — not too baggy, just above the knee — and probably not have any cargo pockets on them.

My favourite fashion and style writer Christine Flammia, said a dress code should be uniform across genders.
“Is it OK to show legs? Cool. Then everyone should be able to show their legs. Not OK to show legs? Fine. Nobody shows their legs. Everyone should just wear jumpsuits like in ‘Star Trek’ but with zip-off pant legs and sleeves in case it gets too hot.

“Or maybe the suits are temperature regulated so you always feel as cold or as hot as you want,” she emphasised.

Here are five quick rules by Alpham that men must follow should they ever want to wear shorts:

  1. Nail the length — balance your body which is almost 80 centimetres of skin showing above the knee length. You can cuff or have them hemmed at the tailor.
  2. Nail the fit — which includes the appropriate length and tailored length.
  3. Never wear socks that show — wearing no-show socks are critical.
  4. Do not be afraid to wear a little colour — add variety to your wardrobe. Experiment and play around with fun patterns and colours.
  5. If you are going with a colourful patterned and colourful shorts, wear subtle shirt and shoes.

On a different note, the Meteorological Department have revealed that the rains are here and will not stop anytime soon. Do not let the rain cramp your style.

I know dressing for a warm rainy day is not quite as simple as bundling up during chilly winter days.
After all, when it is hot and sticky, the last thing you want to wear is a pair of heavy winter rain boots.

You should think beyond traditional wellies when it comes to keeping your feet dry during summer rainstorms.
Wearing short rain boots in a Chelsea or lace-up style are just as functional but will not overheat your legs.
Again patent leather and synthetic leather are good materials for rainy days. Just make sure that your feet can breathe in whatever shoes you choose, the combination of heat and moisture can lead to a not-so-pleasant smell!
A light-weight jacket is an ideal companion for a warm rainy day.

It does not have to be waterproof, but it should be made from a fabric that dries relatively quickly and a dark colour.
Dark colours help if mud gets on you as it is not easily recognised and, hello, it is a myth that you should not wear red in the rain because you might be struck by lightning!

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