Malaika nude pics leak

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Malaika nude pics leak Malaika

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It seems sex tapes and nude pictures are the in-thing with beauty queens these days as images of Miss Zimbabwe 2011 Malaika Mushandu have leaked.

A woman who is an exact doppelgänger of the former beauty queen appears completely nude in some of the pictures while in other photos she dons panties. The small busted and skinny woman appears to be of the exact body type as the svelte model.

The pictures look like they were either taken by someone at close range or by the woman herself.

Contacted for comment, Mushandu first professed ignorance about the existence of the pictures and even requested this reporter to send them to her via social media.

“I have heard about them before, during the time when Thabiso Phiri (Miss Zimbabwe 2014) was dethroned. My brother actually called me to clarify the issue as I was out of the county at the time. Can you please describe the pictures to me or send them for confirmation if it is really me,” she said.

She then switched goal posts and admitted that there could be nude images of her floating around. She insisted the only time she took any semi-nude pictures was during photo shoots for her portfolios.

“I need to see the pictures before you publish that story. It could be me because I have taken numerous professional photos of myself before. Of course I was wearing a bikini and they were purely professional pictures. But like I said, I need to see the ones you have because ndiri munhu wenyama (I’m human) and it could be me,” she said.

This reporter could not send the pictures to her for verification as that would have been illegal, according to Zimbabwean law.

Mushandu joins a bandwagon of popular personalities like Tinopona Katsande, football player Fabrice Mbimba, Thabiso Phiri, Pokello Nare and Desmond “Stunner” Chideme that have had their bedroom pictures exposed.

There have been public debate over the issue with some arguing that there is nothing wrong with people taking nude photos or videos of themselves in private.

However, others argue that it was inappropriate as in most cases the photos and videos ended up in the public domain.

Such moves have worked in the favour of some with the likes of Kim Kadarshian and Pokello Nare becoming instant socialites.

It has, however, had negative effects on other people like Thabiso Phiri who was forced to resign as Miss Zimbabwe 2014.

Vanessa Williams, the first black Miss USA faced the same predicament as her reign was cut short when her nude pictures were leaked after the contest.

In Zimbabwe, the production and possession of pornographic material is illegal, even if it is meant for personal use. Some of the wives of convicted rapist and RG End Times church leader Robert Gumbura are involved in an ongoing legal battle after police discovered pornographic materials of the women during a raid to investigate rape claims against their husband.

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