Malaika for World Supermodel pageant

Malaika for World Supermodel pageant Malaika Mushandu
Malaika Mushandu

Malaika Mushandu

Sophia Chese : Arts Correspondent

Former Miss Zimbabwe Malaika Mushandu will on March 29 participate in the World Supermodel pageant set for Bloemfontein, South Africa. At least 40 models worldwide are expected to take part in the beauty pageant. Speaking through her spokesperson Rumbidzai Matinanga, Malaika said she was excited to be taking part in such a pageant.

She promised to do her best to bring the crown home.“I have always wanted to be a model though I had taken a break for about four years and was concentrating on my studies,” she said.

Malaika is attending film school but modelling has always been her passion.

“I have done everything in my power in preparation for this pageant, from working on my body and a number of other things. I am optimistic that I will bring the crown back home,” she said.

She said her dream was to become Miss Universe and this event could open doors for her to take part in Miss Universe beauty pageant.

“It’s difficult to take part in such a pageant unless you go through pageants like the World Supermodel. So I hope and pray that I am going to put my country on the map by bringing the crown home. That is why I am going there,” she said.

Malaika rose to fame when she became one of the youngest winners of the Miss Zimbabwe pageant in 2011.

She also proved that she was a force to reckon with after finishing 9th at the 2011 Miss World Pageant, becoming the second person to raise the Zimbabwean flag high at the pageant.

The model was also named as one of Zimbabwe’s finest top 40 hot, brainy and influential women in 2013.

She will be leaving the country next week for the boot camp.

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