Makodza acquitted

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Makodza acquitted

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SUSPENDED police commissioner Erasmus Makodza did not participate in the process of awarding his former girlfriend an opportunity to undertake farming projects at a police farm in Mashonaland East during the time he was commanding the province, a court has ruled.

Harare regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa said there was no evidence to prove that Comm Makodza benefited from proceeds attained from the farming activities undertaken by Maonei Chapfudza.

Mr Mupeiwa said this in his judgment before he acquitted Makodza of concealing a transaction from a principle and criminal abuse of duty as a public officer.

He said from the evidence led by the State, it was not proved that he acted contrary to his duties and that there was no evidence that he pressured his juniors into signing the joint venture agreement between the police and Chapfudza.

Makodza, who was represented by lawyer Mr Tapiwa Makanza, had denied the charges.

It was the State’s case that sometime in 2019, Makodza decided to corruptly benefit from police projects in Mashonaland East where he was officer commanding at the time.

Makodza was said to have engaged Assistant Commissioner Stephen Zengeya, who was responsible for administration in the province, and told him that there was a private investor who wanted to use Lendy Farm, which is owned by police.

It was alleged that Makodza then introduced Chapfudza to Asst Comm Zengeya, saying she wanted to invest into piggery, poultry and horticulture on the police farm.

Further allegations were that Makodza did not tell Asst Comm Zengeya that he was in a relationship with Chapfudza and they had a child together in 2017.

Comm Makodza, in an alleged bid to cover-up his relationship with Chapfudza, allegedly wanted a formal agreement between his lover and the police.

Background checks were made in March 2019 and Chapfudza was cleared of corrupt tendencies.

A final memorandum of joint venture agreement was signed between Chapfudza and Mashonaland East Police Province, which Asst Comm Zengeya allegedly signed.

Although Comm Makodza acknowledged receiving the agreement, he did not sign it, according to the State.

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