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Make sure the trend fits you

Make sure the trend fits you

0403-1-1-GILMORE Tafadzwa Zimoyo : Fashion Talk 263

Phew!!!What a week. The feedback has been amazing, thank you. Some of it is good and some of it is negative but that is all good because it means we are engaging and you are helping me shape the column into what you want it to be.I am no perfectionist because that would be to declare no room for improvement. Fashion is an art. No one is best. But remember; I am the Fashion Police so don’t get caught offside.

This week we focus on a fashion trend which we have seen hitting our market on red carpet events, weddings, funerals, parties and all over town.

Fashion trends are magical and intangible things that seem to come from nowhere, overtake us all for a season or two, and then disappear as suddenly, as they came.

But is it actually so? As can be observed, it’s true that most trends only last for a limited amount of time (also named FADs), but they actually come from somewhere.

Generally, trends come from the catwalk show of the big brands and the streets.

In the old days, when fashion was something only available to the elite and non-working upper class, trends were born at the top, and then trickled down trough the layers.

This was called the Trickle-Down effect, and is what happens, when a trend is born at the catwalk, and is later adopted by fashionable consumers.

What has become of the traditional fashion trend, now that fashion seasons have multiplied and blurred into an almost constant stream of “newness” and an Instagram post can make a look go viral overnight?

By the way a trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time.

A trend simply reflects what seems to be going around at any given time.

Some trends are fun, some fabulous, some appalling, but however long they last, you can be sure there will always be a new trend coming along to replace the old.

Everything seems to be a reaction to the previous trend.

“Today, the idea of a bunch people sitting in a room and deciding what the colours are going to be in two years’ time or what materials are going to be used in three years’ time is a complete nonsense,” said Marc Worth.

Social Media nowadays dictates trends.

The trend emerges overnight and disappears almost as quickly.

We seem to be in a minimalism monochrome stage right now which is a reaction to excess.

Sometimes a product or designer or look or movie will take off, and fashion will imitate that.

Streetwear is massively influenced by whatever US rapper Kanye West does.

He helped popularise drapey fits, longer hemlines, reviving flannels around the waist, brown suede chukkas (lol).

Of late, there was an outcry over “happy socks” that have seen some of the so called celebrities wearing either on stage, red carpet or at work sometimes.

Yes, socks just like an underwear are a must but with trendy socks it is a matter of perfect fitting or right socks or suiting you well.

One thing you should not do, don’t wear them as droopy, as you might end up like a clown.

To break the shell, “happy socks” are socks with fun designs and colourful patterns.

The fashion conscious can stand out wearing a pair of these socks whether it is for everyday casual wear or for a formal event.

This sock line was created to bring cheer to those who wear them and to others who catch a glimpse of the pop of colour you display.

The great quality of “Happy Socks” can be contributed to their high grade fabrics which include combed cotton, wool and angora.

The toe and heel have been reinforced to maintain the structure of the sock for longer wear.

Also, the socks elasticity keeps them from slipping down your leg.

Then Zimbabweans should check well especially on the elastic part to avoid the walk of shame, when you happy socks are wilting around your ankles.

By the way don’t boast to anyone who will listen about the cost because even Hollywood celebrities wear labels that range from $10-$15 per two pairs. Like the poor boy hat from a few years ago, this is strictly mass market chic.

Variety is the spice of life, update your wardrobe with a pair of socks that shows off your personality and makes you smile when you put them on.

So far, one celebrity who have rocked well the Happy Socks well is Mudiwa during the Zim Hip-Hop Awards show recently held at Longcheng Plaza.

Enjoy your weekend and be happy with Happy Socks.

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