Makanaka Fashion Show lives up to billing

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Acting Entertainment Editor

Makanaka. “You are beautiful”, as they say in English.

Just like the name itself, “Makanaka”, this is how to aptly describe the just ended inaugural fashion show held at the Sam Levy Village parking space in Borrowdale on Saturday.

It was such a beautiful spectacle.

Dubbed “Makanaka Fashion Show”, the well-choreographed, colourful event was hosted by Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation.

Definitely many agree that it is a whole new breath of fresh air in the arts sector considering that in the past, it was only about music, film, modelling and television.

The emergence of the fashion world on the entertainment sector in Zimbabwe is a step in the right direction.

Gone are the days when all the media could review every weekend was music among others.

The game has reached another level.

By the way, the hands that revamped, modernised and brought glamour to the awards in Zimbabwe (NAMA) are the ones who did the fashion show.

Obviously, their midas touch on the awards show has spread to the world of fashion and the fashion show which they also said will be annual event.

Looking at the season, Spring, the show was timed well as it was all about colour.

The event saw all races and colours attending the glitz and glam show which ran under the theme “Day-Dream”. It was all about pushing a bold perspective of art and fashion.

Again this was well represented by the bright woven accents and bold abstract designs illustrating the show’s endeavour to step out of the old traditional description of culture and to step into a new meaning and understanding of what Africa means to individuals in the 21st century.

Guests looked on point and when it comes to fashion enthusiasts, you don’t need to waste your precious time alerting them on what to wear.

They understood the assignment.

Arriving at the event one would think it was not a Zimbabwean set up rather a South Africa Mercedes Fashion Show if not New York.

Who knew something good could come out of Nazareth?

That Biblical connotation was much similar to what happened on Saturday.

Who knew the car park could change into a runway?

They designed it superbly and it was a production show for television.

Hello, when it comes to fashion it is all about lights and good sound.

The organisers brought their A-game on those subjects and made sure everything was tailored to plan.

The models were the accessories on the show and it was about the catwalk.

It seemed that United States model and mother of catwalk, Naomi Campbell, was in Zimbabwe and had coached the models because what they displayed on the ramp was excellent.

No glitches, funny walks or falling on stage.

They acted like they were born to do this.

Actually, this way.

The facts are that Naomi was not in Zimbabwe but organisers worked with Top Model Zimbabwe agency which groomed the models and after weeks of rehearsals and hard work, they put up a scintillating show.

It was chronologically flowing.

It was like the Milan show or if you want to put it that way, Victoria Secret Runway.

Indeed, local designers are lekker.

Some of the designers who showcased are Fungai Muzoroza, Danayi Madondo, The Big Locomotive, Venon and Amon.

They proved their mettle with both local and foreign fabrics as they meant business on their creative side.

Their biggest job for the night was to bring a Chinese interpretation of Zimbabwe and Africa to the runway.

They came, saw and conquered.

Like lions they roared in the fashion jungle and were heard.

Some of the garments are already available at selected stores while some were for the stage and will be used in musical videos by local artistes.

It would be myopic if we did not talk about the hostess of the night, popular radio personality Samantha Musa, affectionately known as “MisRed” in the showbiz circles.

Yes, she did not disappoint.

She flawlessly sailed through her presentation on stage and backstage.

In fact, she was the right candidate for the job.

Like her name, “MisRed”, she didn’t wear red but she chose a white bob-tube mermaid gown with a designer white pearls neckpiece flowing to her chest.

Now that was a fashion statement.

She was like an angel and with a commanding voice, she had no hustle running the show and resonated well with guests.

However, should we say the fashion conscious fans are much more civilised or it’s just a myth?

The show started on time, guests were punctual and everything went according to the script.

But then again, it would not be a proper fashion show without some music as the two are intertwined and inseparable.

The list of entertainers who included Tamy Moyo, Nyasha David, Mwenje Mathole and Mimi offered a polished act.

Nyasha David, a baby of JCMC, needs no introduction to such cool events.

He performed his hit song “Mariana” to the joviality of lady fans.

Mwenje Mathole had to take care of the gents as he dished out tune after tune.

Multi award winning songstress Tamy Moyo and her dancers then closed the show with an electrifying act.

Typical of a fashion show, Tamy made sure that guests got value for their money apart from coming to witness the fashion statements.

The only mishap of the night was when models were showcasing the designs of particular designers.

The screen remained showing the name of the show “Makanaka”.

To some extent it was right, reminding the attendees that it was a Makanaka event, but some were of the opinion that it was good if not best to screen the name of the designs.

Marketing them well.

“We know at first they screened the story of the coming up designer on stage but what if someone missed that part. Wasn’t it necessary and fair to have the name of the designer beamed on the screen just like what happens at most fashion shows,” said one model who commented on condition of anonymity.

Theresa Floy from Borrowdale, a fashion critic and fan, said the show was good as it brought life to the industry.

“Kudos to the organisers for a job well done. I am happy and was waiting for this. After the amazing Style Icon of Zimbabwe (SIZA) awards show in February, we thought that was it.

“This show proved that Zimbabwe has what it takes to compete on an international level. They promoted the upcoming designers and we hope to find the merchandise in shops,” she said. According to the organisers, the show was meant to show Zimbabwe and Africa in a different light internationally.

“The name Makanaka is a message itself firstly to Zimbabweans that we are all beautiful and unique and there was no better way to convey that message other than the fashion show,” said JCMC spokesperson and show producer Panashe Nyakawa.

“The aim is to revive the fashion industry, give a platform to both new and established designers to showcase their work and go on to sell their wares.”

JCMC founder Zivanai Steve Zhao emphasised that the vision is to see Zimbabwean fashion on global runways.

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