Maintenance arrears land Mic Inity in court Mic Inity
Mic Inity

Mic Inity

Court Reporter
REGGAE artiste Mike “Mic Inity” Madamombe was yesterday dragged before a Harare magistrate after he failed to pay maintenance fees for his two children.

He owes $2 100.

The musician pleaded guilty to contravening the Maintenance Act when he appeared before magistrate Mr Milton Serima.

Madamombe was ordered by the High Court last year to pay $150 a month for the welfare of his children.

He was sentenced to a wholly suspended six-month prison term on condition that he pays $2 100 on or before March 31.

Magistrate Mr Serima said the musician should be induced to pay for the upkeep of his children.

In mitigation Madamombe, who was represented by lawyer Mr Dumisani Mtombeni, pleaded for a lengthy period to settle the arrears.

“I do not have money on person, at home or at the bank.

“The only valuable asset I have is a house and I am father to five children,” he said.

According to prosecutor Ms Francesca Mukumbiri, Madamombe divorced Christine Tariro Gumunyu, leaving the two children without a breadwinner.

The case was heard in the High Court last year where Madamombe agreed to pay $150 a month and $150 per term in school fees for each child.

School fees was to be paid in instalments of $50.

Madamombe only paid $900 for September, October (2014) and January this year.

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