Mahusekwa Energy Park loses US$1 220 to robbers

Victor Maphosa Mashonaland East Bureau

Police in Mashonaland East Province are investigating a case of armed robbery where four suspects attacked two Energy Park Service Station employees in Mahusekwa and went away with US$1 220.

The four reportedly went to the service station during the night and attacked two fuel attendants, Mr Ever Chayani (26) and Mr Kephasi Jasi (40), who were sleeping in separate rooms.

Reports are that one of the suspects was armed with an unidentified pistol.

It is alleged that one of the suspects started assaulting Mr Jasi, demanding keys to the safe and also the whereabouts of the service station manager, Mr Matthew Chizanga.

Mr Jasi reportedly told the suspects that the service station manager was at his place of residence and was the one in possession of the keys to the safe.

Allegations are that the armed robbers proceeded to Mr Chayani’s room and demanded to know the whereabouts of Mr Chizanga and who told them that he was at his home.

It is reported that the suspects went on to force march the two fuel attendants to the cash office before taking their cellphones.

Allegations are that while in the cash office, the suspects ordered the fuel attendants to lie down and tied their hands and legs with ropes.

Police spokesperson for Mashonaland East Province, Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi, confirmed the incident.

“It is reported that the suspects took the fuel attendants to another room. They then came back and produced some dynamites and went on to blast the safe, took US$1 220 and went away.

“The fuel attendants later managed to untie themselves and reported the case at ZRP Mahusekwa and police officers attended the scene,” said Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi.

He said no arrests and recoveries have been made so far and investigations are still in progress.

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