Mahere ‘cyber bullying’: A case of selective sisterhood Fadzayi Mahere

Trevor Nameda-Correspondent

Without doubt, cyber bullying is fast becoming one of the destructive modern day vices, whose negative impact is increasingly becoming divisive in communities and the country at large.

For the past week, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere’s alleged dirty linen was thrown all over social media by one Edmund Kudzayi and several social media platforms who quickly developed interest in that story.

Among a flurry of allegations, Kudzai intimated that Mahere was having an affair with a married man, claiming that the adulterous duo travelled together to the funeral of CCC frontman’s mother in Masvingo last year. For any sane person in Zimbabwe, there are far more important issues to deal with than following up on Mahere’s private life. 

For God’s sake, the prices of basic goods, fuel among other basic necessities continue escalating due to the Russian War on Ukraine which is disrupting global trade.

If Mahere so decides to go after married men, or if she actively allows married men to hit on her, or unmarried men, small boys – rather whoever she decides to date – that’s her. 

However, that’s a debate for another day.

Of particular concern has been that a few women pressure groups that literally rose from the dead to defend Mahere in the spirit of sisterhood, claiming that the CCC spokesperson was being unfairly targeted and being cyber bullied by Edmund Kudzayi.

It is noteworthy that all the women pressure groups that sprang to Mahere’s defence somewhat share the same financial parentage.

The Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) among many little known groupings that found their voices on this matter, all have the US sponsorship connection. Surely they had to say something to justify a fellow sister.

The defence and support Mahere got from such groupings points to a case of selective sisterhood. This begs the question, where were they when Marry Mubaiwa was calling on them, and of course Linda Masarira when they wanted their divine protection? 

Masarira faced worse shelling on social media, criticism on her facial looks, her marital status and “many” children, but no one rose to her defence. Instead she had to fight her own battles.

And of course it was not only these “reputable” organisations who saw the need to defend Mahere, even right thinking CCC members and supporters rushed to her defence, but what for?

This is exactly where the tactless opposition minions lose it. When one errs, it doesn’t matter what their political affiliation is, let them face the music, allow them to lie on their bed, for they made it themselves. 

The unsolicited sisterhood from women pressure groups and other CCC supporters speaks volumes about their ideological bankruptcy. Instead of concentrating on things that matter, everyone rushed to defend Mahere, who by the way knows nothing thereof. 

Honestly, a cyber troll who only converse with her via the keyboard, cannot claim to be omniscient when it comes to Mahere.

Mahere simply needed a warm reminder that she is a public figure and as such, every public figure is subject to public scrutiny. This behaviour of muzzling the press due to one’s proximity to the judicial machinery is an old dirt tactic.

Mahere chose this political path on her own, so let it be. Other lawyers’ private lives are not under scrutiny out there, for they are not politicians, but she is.

She also needs to realise that she cannot go about intimidating the very electorate that she intends to lure into voting for her and her party. That is so childish and uncalled for. 

If Kudzayi was lying then clearly the truth always has a way of coming out, allow people to decide who is the greater fool. So now that Twitter is filled with photos of the purported married man, is she going to go after every citizen, justifying the pictures and suing them?

Well, I don’t think so. After all, to err is human, if she was caught on the wrong side then that’s it, life goes on.

And to CCC members, supporters and sympathisers, loyalty must never be allowed to outweigh reasoning. Surely you can tell right from wrong. If Fadzi’s moral compass is upside down, that should not be your concern or fault, let her fight her own demons!

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