Mahere convicted Fadzayi Mahere

Senior Court Reporter 

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere was today convicted of charges of publishing falsehoods emanating from her tweet where she lied that a police officer had beaten to death a child with a baton in Harare.

Mahere was being charged with publishing falsehoods prejudicial to the State.

She was found guilty after a full trial.

In finding Mahere guilty, Harare Regional Magistrate Mr Taurai Manwere said Mahere undermined the authority of the police through her tweet.

Mr Manwere said it was not in dispute that the baby did not die and she failed to verify that fact before tweeting.

The court noted that Mahere materially lied when she tweeted that the baby was hit to death by police with a baton.

Mr Manwere said Mahere’s conduct was reckless and detrimental to the State as it intended to undermine the police force and also eroded public confidence in the law enforcement agents.

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