Mahachi speaks on bills

Mahachi speaks on bills Dr Mahachi
Dr Mahachi

Dr Mahachi

Herald Reporter
Harare City Council has urged residents to use designated revenue collection points when paying their bills to avoid being robbed of their hard earned cash.
The city also encouraged residents to desist paying bribes to council officials who promise to reverse their bills or who pretend they would shield them from paying their actual bills.

The warning by town clerk Dr Tendai Mahachi comes in the wake of reports that some residents were enticing city officials with cash to discourage them from disconnecting their water, while others were paying money to city officials to have their bills “reversed”.

The practice has the tendency to drain residents’ resources and also deny the city revenue due to it on time and in the end, the resident seeking “temporary relief” from bill payment would eventually be forced to pay.

“Residents should be aware that if they part with their money through bribes to city officials – that will not change their bills,” said Dr Mahachi.

“In fact, if the bills are not paid on time they will attract interest. Further by bribing officials, the residents are technically accomplices in crime.

“In the end the resident becomes a double loser. It would be in the best interest to make payment plans with the city and re-route the bribery money towards settling one’s bills.”

Dr Mahachi warned residents not pay for their bills in car parks, people’s personal offices or be enticed to pay part of the bill without issuance of bona fide council receipts.

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