Magacha releases new video

Magacha releases new video Tinashe Magacha
Tinashe Magacha

Tinashe Magacha

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Barely a month after releasing his first album young gospel dancehall chanter Tinashe “Captain T” Magacha has released a video for the song “Hande”. The song compels people to turn to God as he encourages them to go to Church.

Brother to popular Sabastian Magacha, Captain T, is building his own brand and is so convinced that he has what it takes to stand on his own in the industry.

He is already dominating the charts and the song “Hande” has set pace for other Zimdancehall gospel artistes.

The video, which was filmed in Harare, expresses its simple script just like most Zimdancehall but its quality cannot be ignored as it matches the standard format on the local market and as well can compete regionally.

Magacha has had the courage to approach Zimdancehall on a gospel tip.

There is need somehow for the young man to improve in terms of script which should tell a story on its own.

One should be able to depict what the artist is saying just by watching motion pictures.

Technology is bringing in new world class quality in terms of filming.

If an artist is to make a video they should employ the latest equipment and use professional video makers for them to get wide acceptance from fans.

Using the same old machinery will give an artiste the same old quality and this will limit their sphere of reach as many people will simply not accept bad quality.

He has done considerably well but needs to improve in his next video production.

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