Mafriq releases compilation album

Mafriq releases compilation album

Pauline-GundidzaTawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Afro-pop fusion outfit Mafriq Music Factory (MMF) has released its first compilation album which will be coming in phases under a new brand called Muringa Music in a bid to promote their new music genre internationally.

The compilation album, which carries 14 tracks and promotion of culture as the main theme, features several local artists including local superstar Roki Josphat, Sebede, Brown Sugar, Tererai Mugwadi, Nesto, Ammara Brown and many others who have come on board to be part of Muringa Music.

“Chizevezeve” hitmaking group is now being headed by Lovedale Makalanga, better known as Discord, after the former members Pauline Gunduza and Tunga parted ways as a result of different commitments.

“The album is being released in phases as a way of curbing piracy,” said Makalanga.

Muringa fuses the mbira and ngoma instruments to give the genre its unique identity as it also promotes our local culture, especially to young people who are the targeted niche.

Makalanga said that Muringa is an evolution from urban grooves which has since been watered down by other genres.

The urban grooves genre has hit hard times regardless of efforts by pioneers for its revival, it remains suppressed.

“A lot of people were asking why our local music is not played on popular international music channels like Channel O and this is because our music could not be categorised so this move to brand our music Muringa is a first step I have taken to categorize it,” Makalanga said.

Mafriq Music Factory produced the album, which is set to hit the streets in the first quarter of the year.

In an effort to tap into the pervasive Zimdancehall genre, Makalanga said:

“We have also engaged Zim Dancehall artists like Ras Caleb and Soul Jah Love in Muringa Music because we believe it’s dominating the music scene at the moment and this will help familiarise the genre.”

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