Maenzanise targets world record Chido Maenzanise

Latwell Nyangu

Zimbabwe’s representative, Chido Maenzanise, scooped a gold medal at the just-ended African Strongmen 2024 Championships.

Chido beat other female contestants from Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia to take the gold medal home at the Langehoven Gimnasium in Oudtshoorn, South Africa on Saturday.

In a world where stereotypes and biases often cloud judgment, Chido’s story serves as a beacon of hope.

“I went with the hope to win since the way I trained was something else. I competed against contestants from Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia.

“I won all the competitions I entered. We had a truck pulling, Log press max, deadlift for reps, medley, yoke into sled pull, and farmers walk.

“Every time I competed, I would take number one, I had three rivals and I won against them.

“I then took final number one, from which I got the gold medal,” she said.

She said the organisers were shocked when she opted to pull a truck along with males.

“The organisers had said men should pull trucks and women go for cars but I opted to pull the truck since I trained using it.

“They were surprised by my strength. It was a nice experience, I have learned a lot of things, as it happened in Zambia.

“Hard work pays, if you can see the way I used to train and I am looking forward to the Zim Strongman set for May in Harare.

“I am also targeting to be counted in the world since I am moving well in Africa and I want to thank all those who supported me.”

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